Enrichment At Stratton School

The PTO is excited to fund ONE BOOK ONE SCHOOL at Stratton!
We are excited to announce that our school will read
 The Wild Robot by Peter Brown!
Please join The Wild Robot Google Classroom for resources including:
 Zoom links for Book Club meetings
 Read-aloud links
 Book trailer videos
 Discussion questions
 Check-In questions
 Vocabulary resources

To join the Google Classroom, please go to the waffle and click on "Classroom."

Click "join a class."

Type in the following class code to join: x2qdame


Thanks to many wonderful donations to the Stratton PTO we are able to provide Stratton Students with a variety of enrichment opportunities.  Typically each grade goes on at least 3 fields trip, and in-school cultural visits.  We have also been able to provide the whole school with additional enrichment including author visits, and special in residency.


The Stratton PTO is thrilled to fund Bren Bataclan's mural residency for the 2020/21 school year.  Stay tuned for more details!

Bren Bataclan